re-work coupons to allow multiple coupon types
[bse.git] / site / templates / preload.tmpl
2016-05-27 Tony Cookre-work coupons to allow multiple coupon types
2015-05-18 Tony Cookre-work the image edit super page to use jQuery and...
2015-05-18 Tony Cookallow editing image tags on the big image tool page
2015-05-09 Tony CookMetadata for articles
2015-05-09 Tony Cookuse cgi_fields() for metadata parsing, and other improv...
2015-05-09 Tony Cookuse new style field macros for the file edit page
2015-05-09 Tony Cookmore metadata generalization and modification
2014-08-20 Tony Cookadd a test for the page_list macro and fix it
2014-03-19 Tony Cookfixed word-wrapping for audit-log emails
2014-02-24 Tony Cookclean up arrow macros in preload
2014-02-24 Adrian Oldhamcreate universal make_arrows macro
2014-02-24 Adrian Oldhamwrap arrows in span like make_arrows
2014-02-24 Adrian Oldhamrejig mover macro arrows
2014-02-24 Adrian Oldhamswap arrows to match make_arrows
2014-02-24 Adrian Oldhamfix arrows cfg key names for with and height
2013-12-21 Tony Cookupdate to the new syntax and defaults
2013-11-22 Tony Cookimprove validation and error reporting for article...
2013-11-02 Tony Cookmake the mover macro check user rights
2013-11-02 Tony Cookuse the correct variable name holding the dist images uri
2013-07-22 Tony Cookcoupons support for the BSE shop
2013-07-21 Tony Cooklots of order and cart updates
2013-07-21 Tony Cookused coupons are no longer deletable nor renamable
2013-07-21 Tony Cookfix a nesting error in the inlinefield macro
2013-06-11 Tony Cookre-work preload.tmpl and write basic documentation
2013-05-31 Tony Cookdefine a real error_img macro
2013-03-02 Tony Cookdefine the mover macro in preload
2013-02-25 Tony Cookdefault <:= ... :> tags to html formatting
2012-12-10 Tony Cookallow field select descriptions to specify optgroups
2012-12-07 Tony Cookuse the cgi parameter as the default for field if present
2012-12-06 Tony Cooksaner formatting for time input fields
2012-11-30 Tony Cookdisplay the field "units" after the error image, if...
2012-11-30 Tony Cookfix for attribute of label to use the correct variable...
2012-11-30 Tony Cookhandle date text fields
2012-11-28 Tony Cookpreload.tmpl: add support for select fields to the...
2012-11-27 Tony Cooktools for building forms, using adriann's new structure
2012-11-14 Tony Cookallow site specific preloads
2012-11-13 Tony Cookuse the correct end marker for .define error_img
2012-11-13 Tony Cookallow article custom fields to be specified by config
2012-11-05 Tony Cookavoid an undefined value warning from make_select
2012-06-21 Tony CookMerge branch 'tagcats'
2012-06-20 Tony Cookhoist the page list into preload.tmpl
2012-05-21 Tony Cookadd a paid_manually column and use that to mark an...