re-work coupons to allow multiple coupon types
[bse.git] / site / cgi-bin / modules / Squirrel / Template / Expr /
2016-05-27 Tony Cookre-work coupons to allow multiple coupon types
2015-12-04 Tony Cookallow .replace to replace with a block
2013-03-22 Tony Cookadd substring() and match() methods to scalars
2013-02-25 Tony Cookimplement an escape method for scalars
2012-11-30 Tony Cookadd a replace() method to scalars
2012-11-28 Tony Cookexpand template expressions with function calls and...
2012-11-13 Tony Cookadd is_list and is_hash to wrappers
2012-11-06 Tony Cookadd several new scalar methods and document them
2012-05-30 Tony Cookdocument evaltag
2012-05-30 Tony Cookadd the evaltag to wrapped scalars for template expressions
2012-04-23 Tony CookMerge template re-re-work
2012-04-20 Tony Cooktemplate re-work: documentation
2012-04-20 Tony Cooktemplate re-work: split wrappers out of