add some support for customizing product options
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2020-04-18 Tony Cookadd some support for customizing product options
2016-05-27 Tony Cookre-work coupons to allow multiple coupon types
2013-07-22 Tony Cookcoupons support for the BSE shop
2013-07-21 Tony Cookcoupon code processing from cart to order final
2013-07-21 Tony Cookcoupon admin, cart, checkout, payment form
2012-11-16 Tony Cookmove cart access from bse.variables to the request...
2012-11-16 Tony Cookimplement access to the cart for the new template tagging
2011-05-27 Tony CookBSE tiered product pricing
2010-11-15 Tony Cookadd empty the cart action to the shop
2008-02-21 Tony Cookmake the shop code use URLs generated by the url generator
2007-02-26 Tony Cooktransfer the description instead of the summary to...
2005-06-29 Tony Cook0.15_15 commit r0_15_15
2002-09-03 Tony Cook0.12_12 commit r0_12_12
2002-08-21 Tony Cook0.12_09 commit r0_12_09
2002-08-16 Tony Cook0.12_07 commit r0_12_07
2002-06-25 Tony Cookadrian's updates (with minor changes)
2001-11-02 Tony Cookenumerate the options for a product in the cart
2001-07-15 Tony Cookmake the item description a link
2001-07-14 Tony Cookupdated templates from adrian
2001-07-11 Tony Cooktest change for new use of shop section as article...
2001-06-22 Tony CookInitial revision