allow hypens in formlink form name values
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2015-04-17 Adrian Oldhamallow hypens in formlink form name values
2015-03-31 Tony Cookadd a format() method to articles for use in templates
2014-09-01 Tony CookMerge Adrian's exhaustive module dir restructure changes
2014-09-01 Adrian Oldhammove Article/s modules to more appropriate location
2014-03-06 Tony Cookabsolute image urls for subscriptions
2013-11-03 Tony Cookmassive formatter re-work
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamadd block versions of filelink and gfilelink
2013-11-03 Tony Cookadd block versions of doclink, formlink, popdoclink...
2013-06-20 Tony Cookallow the class used for image[] tags to be configured
2012-07-26 Tony Cookconsistently load the managed images directory from...
2012-05-08 Tony Cookfix parsing of link aliases in doclink[]
2012-03-07 Tony Cookadmin links are now synthesized links to
2010-11-12 Tony Cookadd "Disable linking" article flag
2010-11-08 Tony Cookadd version numbers to all modules r0.19
2010-10-25 Tony Cookmost of UTF-8 support
2010-09-10 Tony Cookavoid duplicate align attributes in image[] output
2010-04-19 Tony Cookhandle admin links in the formatter
2010-04-19 Tony Cookadd admin_links option for, if you set admin...
2009-12-11 Tony Cookgeneral file post processing and post processing suppor...
2009-12-04 Tony Cookhandle image[] tags
2009-08-07 Tony Cookbetter xhtml support by default
2009-01-29 Tony Cookallow - in class and id values for body text tags
2008-04-03 Tony Cooknew implementation of popimage[], addition of gpopimage...
2008-02-12 Tony CookS3 storage support
2008-01-23 Tony CooklinkAlias change:
2007-12-17 Tony Cookonly escape the title if it's from an unescaped source...
2007-09-10 Tony Cookadded dthumbimage, and use [thumb classes] to set the...
2007-09-10 Tony Cookadded thumbimage[], gthumbimage[] body text tags, and...
2007-08-27 Tony Cookgimage[] and <:gimage ...:> are now generated with...
2007-08-27 Tony Cookmake image[], gimage[] image src absolute when abs_urls...
2007-07-06 Tony Cookglobal file support bse-0.15_56
2007-05-31 Tony Cookgive subscriptions their own formatter,
2007-05-10 Tony Cookprocess the style for gimage[]
2007-04-29 Adrian OldhamModified filelink[] tag output to include a class and...
2007-04-23 Tony Cookdon't redirect in page links
2007-04-23 Tony Cookcorrectly unescape the link text for use on the redirec...
2007-04-20 Tony Cookthe link[] body text tag can now be configured to redir...
2006-11-20 Tony Cook0.15_52 commit r0_15_52
2006-09-14 Tony Cookvarious changes to make URLs more context sensitive:
2006-04-28 Tony Cookfix the default template name for the embedded report...
2005-12-02 Tony Cookimplement popimage[] tag.
2005-12-01 Tony Cookallow image[...|padding] to format padding as padding...
2005-08-19 Tony Cook0.15_29 commit r0_15_29
2005-08-10 Tony Cook0.15_27 commit r0_15_27
2005-08-09 Tony Cook0.15_26 commit r0_15_26
2005-01-25 Tony Cook0.15_07 commit r0_15_07
2004-09-10 Tony Cook0.14_31 commit r0_14_31
2004-07-07 Tony Cook0.14_22 commit r0_14_22
2004-04-15 Tony Cook0.14_19 commit r0_14_19
2004-04-02 Tony Cook0.14_17 commit r0_14_17
2004-03-22 Tony Cook0.14_15 commit r0_14_15
2004-03-18 Tony Cook0.14_14 commit r0_14_14
2004-02-20 Tony Cook0.14_13 commit r0_14_13
2004-02-18 Tony Cook0.14_12 commit r0_14_12
2003-06-19 Tony Cook0.13_06 commit r0_13_06
2003-06-11 Tony Cook0.13_04 commit r0_13_04
2003-05-26 Tony Cook0.13_02 commit r0_13_02
2003-05-13 Tony Cook0.13_01 commit r0_13_01