add maphash to the array wrapper
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2018-10-15 Tony Cookadd maphash to the array wrapper maphash
2014-10-17 Tony Cookadd slice() and splice() to arrays
2014-09-17 Tony Cooksupport for blocks, and some methods that can use them
2014-08-13 Tony Cookadd as_hash to WrapArray
2013-10-27 Tony Cookadd shuffle to the array wrapper class
2013-05-31 Tony Cookadd defined methods to hashes and lists, and exists...
2012-12-17 Tony Cookadd set method to arrays in templates
2012-11-28 Tony Cookexpand template expressions with function calls and...
2012-11-13 Tony Cookadd is_list and is_hash to wrappers
2012-11-06 Tony Cookadd an expand method to arrays
2012-04-23 Tony CookMerge template re-re-work
2012-04-20 Tony Cooktemplate re-work: documentation
2012-04-20 Tony Cooktemplate re-work: add some missing version numbers
2012-04-20 Tony Cooktemplate re-work: add push and unshift array methods
2012-04-20 Tony Cooktemplate re-work: split wrappers out of