optional case-insensitivity for searching
[bse.git] / site / cgi-bin / modules / BSE / Index.pm
2017-07-07 Tony Cookoptional case-insensitivity for searching
2014-10-19 Tony Cookindex P flagged articles as their parent
2014-09-01 Tony CookMerge Adrian's exhaustive module dir restructure changes
2014-09-01 Adrian Oldhammove Article/s modules to more appropriate location
2014-06-13 Tony Cookadd should_index() method to articles
2012-07-26 Tony Cookallow the search index depth to be configured in bse.cfg
2012-03-08 Tony Cookthe search indexer now uses configured scores
2012-02-08 Tony Cook[rt #1301] refactor makeIndex.pl into separate CGI...