support for new templating for product options
[bse.git] / t / t00smoke.t
2015-07-17 Tony Cooktest that works
2013-04-29 Tony Cookmodernize, fix and better document
2013-04-08 Tony Cookre-work installation to use a bse.cfg style file
2012-06-11 Tony CookBe less strict on the shop page context check
2012-01-12 Tony Cookadjust verbose regen smoke test for the templated output
2011-07-01 Tony Cookcomplex tags for BSE
2009-12-02 Tony Cookflash in the image manager
2007-04-24 Tony Cookiterator filters - also fixed up lots of tests
2005-08-05 Tony Cook0.15_25 commit r0_15_25
2005-07-20 Tony Cook0.15_19 commit r0_15_19
2005-06-02 Tony Cook0.15_11 commit r0_15_11
2004-12-21 Tony Cook0.15_03 commit r0_15_03
2003-10-08 Tony Cook0.14_08 commit
2003-08-05 Tony Cook0.14_02 commit r0_14_02
2003-07-16 Tony Cook0.14_01 commit r0_14_01
2003-06-11 Tony Cook0.13_04 commit r0_13_04
2003-04-17 Tony Cook0.12_29 commit r0_12_29
2003-03-10 Tony Cook0.12_23 commit r0_12_23
2003-03-10 Tony Cookjust about to copy adrian's templates in
2003-02-27 Tony Cook0.12_22 commit r0_12_22
2002-08-21 Tony Cook0.12_09 commit r0_12_09
2002-08-16 Tony Cook0.12_07 commit r0_12_07
2002-08-11 Tony Cook0.12_03 commit r0_12_03
2002-03-06 Tony Cook0.11_11 commit
2002-02-15 Tony Cook0.11_09 commit r0_11_09
2002-02-13 Tony Cookvarious fixes, test code changes
2002-02-12 Tony Cooksome basic smoke tests