support for new templating for product options
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2018-12-19 Tony Cookfix infinite loop with empty comma
2014-05-16 Tony Cookallow "class[foo|class[bar|text]]" class to be promoted...
2014-02-25 Tony Cookchanges to email field processing and validation
2014-02-25 Adrian Oldhamsimple email validation tests
2014-01-20 Tony Cookclean up the list[] construct when unformatting
2013-11-03 Tony Cookmassive formatter re-work
2013-11-03 Tony Cooklist[] specifying id and/or class
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamnew pop and poplink wrapping tests
2013-11-03 Tony Cookfix newline handling of block link followed by block
2013-11-03 Tony Cookfix indent[] handling and don't abuse ul anymore
2013-11-03 Tony Cookfix list test failures and put list tags on their own...
2013-11-03 Tony Cookadd newlines around hr tags
2013-11-03 Tony Cookfix the poplink over blocks test
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamadd test block over a list
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamadd link test over complex nested blocks
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamadd poplink wrapping block test
2013-11-03 Tony Cookwhitespace fixes
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamadd link wrapping block test
2013-11-03 Tony Cookseems correct except for some whitespace differences
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamadd new test and updated more test output
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamadd simple link and poplink format tests
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamfix tests to suit new formatter output
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamadd numerous html5 formatter tags
2013-05-31 Tony Cookadd rule mechanisms for real number validation
2013-03-16 Tony Cookpassword strength and lockouts for failed logons
2013-03-16 Tony Cookpassword validation base implementation
2013-03-16 Tony Cookmerge adrian's new formatter tags, fixing the test...
2013-03-16 Tony Cookfix the test count
2013-03-16 Adrian Oldhamadd more formatter tags
2012-12-05 Tony Cookadd support for validating times of day
2012-11-30 Tony Cookadd a mechanism to validate the day of week for a date
2012-11-30 Tony Cookadd a date function to calculate the day of week
2012-09-05 Tony Cookre-work and fix BSE's tests
2012-09-03 Tony Cookreorganize test files into categories