allow use of the new template system from static pages
[bse.git] / t / t20gen.t
2012-05-28 Tony Cookallow use of the new template system from static pages
2012-01-11 Adrian Oldhamadd filters to inline iterator
2011-09-21 Tony Cookadjust the expected URL for the shop in a test
2011-08-24 Tony Cookuse the API to create articles for tests
2011-05-19 Tony Cookadd cat as an alias for concatenate and add a cond tag
2011-05-12 Tony Cookmake arithmetic one pass so it's usable in conditionals
2011-04-26 Tony Cookadd sprintf type formatting to the default _format...
2011-04-22 Tony Cooktest the cfg tag default behaviour
2011-04-08 Tony Cookdynamic move article tags for dyn_article_iterator...
2010-11-18 Tony Cookadd tags to standard iterators:
2010-08-27 Tony Cookfix generated test link
2010-05-21 Tony Cookcorrect the dynamic iterator generator to properly...
2010-05-20 Tony Cooktest that conditionals are kept and make sure trailing...
2010-05-20 Tony Cookadd dynallkids_of2, dynallkids_of3 dynamic tags
2010-03-04 Tony Cookdo proper initialization (for the gen tests)
2009-12-02 Tony Cookflash in the image manager
2009-11-04 Tony CookifUnderThreshold expansion
2009-08-24 Tony Cookallow summary to take a length parameter
2009-06-10 Tony Cookadd dynsection tag
2008-04-01 Tony Cookmake it actually use Date::Format when present
2008-04-01 Tony Cookchange today tag to use Date::Format if present (too)
2007-04-24 Tony Cookiterator filters - also fixed up lots of tests
2007-03-16 Tony Cookthe capitalize tag now lowercases anything it doesn...
2007-02-21 Tony Cook0.15_54 release r0_15_54
2006-10-16 Tony Cook0.15_47 commit r0_15_47
2006-08-16 Tony Cookimplement a ifStepAncestor tag which checks if a given...
2006-05-25 Tony Cookdoclink[] tag was causing a 500 error.
2005-12-01 Tony Cookpatch from Adrian Oldham: add metaDescription and metaK...
2005-08-11 Tony Cook0.15_28 commit r0_15_28
2005-07-28 Tony Cook0.15_23 commit r0_15_23
2005-07-20 Tony Cook0.15_19 commit r0_15_19
2005-07-07 Tony Cook0.15_16 commit r0_15_16
2005-06-15 Tony Cookupdate tests for new columns r0_15_13
2005-06-15 Tony Cookcommit before applying Adrian's patch
2005-06-02 Tony Cook0.15_11 commit r0_15_11
2004-11-08 Tony Cook0.15_01 commit r0_15_01
2004-09-29 Tony Cook0.14_35 commit r0_14_35
2004-09-22 Tony Cook0.14_34 commit r0_14_34
2004-01-23 Tony Cook0.14_11 commit r0_14_11
2003-06-18 Tony Cook0.13_05 commit r0_13_05
2003-05-13 Tony Cook0.13_01 commit r0_13_01
2003-04-10 Tony Cook0.12_27 commit r0_12_27
2003-03-10 Tony Cookjust about to copy adrian's templates in
2003-02-27 Tony Cook0.12_22 commit r0_12_22
2002-08-09 Tony Cook0.12_02 commit r0_12_02
2002-07-14 Tony Cook0.12_01 commit r0_12_01