allow use of the new template system from static pages
[bse.git] / site / cgi-bin / modules /
2012-05-28 Tony Cookallow use of the new template system from static pages
2012-03-07 Tony Cook[rt #1331] option to disable old-style image insertion
2012-01-11 Adrian Oldhamadd filters to inline iterator
2011-09-21 Tony CookMerge branch 'regen'
2011-09-21 Tony Cookre-work extras/base regen
2011-07-01 Tony Cookcomplex tags for BSE
2011-02-03 Tony Cookgthumbimage now accepts [ ... ] arguments
2011-01-30 Tony Cookcache compiled filter expressions
2010-11-08 Tony Cookadd version numbers to all modules r0.19
2010-10-25 Tony Cookmost of UTF-8 support
2010-07-19 Tony Cookallow <:embed alias:foo:>
2010-04-19 Tony Cookadd admin_links option for, if you set admin...
2009-12-15 Tony Cookfix popimage[]
2009-12-14 Tony Cookbetter file tag handling through the filen and gfile...
2009-12-02 Tony Cookflash in the image manager
2009-08-24 Tony Cookallow summary to take a length parameter
2009-08-14 Tony Cookprevent an image specifier not matching any image from...
2009-08-07 Tony Cookbetter xhtml support by default
2009-04-21 Tony Cookimport tool for xls sheets
2009-03-26 Tony Cookallow "smart" parameters for gimage
2008-07-29 Tony Cookadd move_{single} to children_of and allkids_of iterators
2008-07-16 Tony Cookactually have vimages named ... match against the name...
2008-07-15 Tony Cookvimages/vimage/vthumbimage/dynvimages/dynvimage/dynvthu...
2008-07-04 Tony Cookfix <:image ... src:>
2008-06-18 Tony Cookadd more levels of allkidsof
2008-05-20 Tony Cookadd simage template tag
2008-04-03 Tony Cooknew implementation of popimage[], addition of gpopimage...
2008-03-28 Tony Cook<:gfile fileid url:> now HTML escapes the result
2008-02-14 Tony Cookstatic pages now generate and link directly to their...
2008-02-12 Tony CookS3 storage support
2008-02-03 Tony Cooksupply the filter to the filter function
2008-02-03 Tony Cookadd filtering to children_of iterator
2008-01-23 Tony CooklinkAlias change:
2007-10-15 Tony Cookmake - work as an image name for gimage
2007-09-10 Tony Cookadd sthumbimage template tag, a static version of dthum...
2007-09-10 Tony Cookadded dthumbimage, and use [thumb classes] to set the...
2007-09-10 Tony Cookadded thumbimage[], gthumbimage[] body text tags, and...
2007-08-27 Tony Cookgimage[] and <:gimage ...:> are now generated with...
2007-07-06 Tony Cookglobal file support bse-0.15_56
2007-05-31 Tony Cookgive subscriptions their own formatter,
2007-04-24 Tony Cookiterator filters - also fixed up lots of tests
2007-04-23 Tony Cookfilelink[] tags weren't being replaced correctly in...
2007-02-21 Tony Cook0.15_54 release r0_15_54
2007-01-29 Tony Cookadd new ofchild iterators (patch from Adrian)
2006-08-11 Tony Cookadd tags to display the cart on any dynamic page
2006-05-25 Tony Cookability to highlight any result article field with...
2006-05-25 Tony Cookdoclink[] tag was causing a 500 error.
2006-04-28 Tony Cookfix the default template name for the embedded report...
2005-12-14 Tony Cookadded gimages iterator
2005-12-02 Tony Cookenable admin security tags when pages are displayed...
2005-08-05 Tony Cook0.15_25 commit r0_15_25
2005-01-25 Tony Cook0.15_07 commit r0_15_07
2004-12-21 Tony Cook0.15_03 commit r0_15_03
2004-11-25 Tony Cook0.15_02 commit r0_15_02
2004-11-08 Tony Cook0.15_01 commit r0_15_01
2004-09-29 Tony Cook0.14_35 commit r0_14_35
2004-03-30 Tony Cook0.14_16 commit r0_14_16
2004-03-18 Tony Cook0.14_14 commit r0_14_14
2004-02-20 Tony Cook0.14_13 commit r0_14_13
2004-02-18 Tony Cook0.14_12 commit r0_14_12
2003-12-08 Tony Cook0.14_10 commit0.14_10 commit0.14_10 commit0.14_10 commi... r0_14_10
2003-06-19 Tony Cook0.13_06 commit r0_13_06
2003-06-18 Tony Cook0.13_05 commit r0_13_05
2003-06-11 Tony Cook0.13_04 commit r0_13_04
2003-05-13 Tony Cook0.13_01 commit r0_13_01
2003-04-24 Tony Cook0.12_30 commit r0_12_30
2003-04-04 Tony Cook0.12_24 commit r0_12_25
2003-03-10 Tony Cookjust about to copy adrian's templates in
2003-02-27 Tony Cook0.12_22 commit r0_12_22
2002-10-29 Tony Cook0.12_21 commit r0_12_21
2002-09-26 Tony Cook0.12_20 commit r0_12_20
2002-09-04 Tony Cook0.12_13 commit0.12_13 commit0.12_13 commit0.12_13 commi...
2002-09-03 Tony Cook0.12_12 commit r0_12_12
2002-08-26 Tony Cook0.12_10 commit r0_12_10
2002-07-14 Tony Cook0.12_01 commit r0_12_01
2002-06-27 Tony Cook0.11_19 commit r0_11_19
2002-06-26 Tony Cook0.02_18 commit r0_11_18
2002-06-25 Tony Cook0.11_17 commit r0_11_17
2002-03-28 Tony Cookr0.11.15 commit
2002-03-27 Tony Cook0.11_14 commit
2002-03-05 Tony Cook0.11_10 commit
2002-01-22 Tony Cook0.11_06 commit r0_11_06
2002-01-14 Tony Cookwork in progress
2001-12-05 Tony Cook0.11_05 commit r0_11_05
2001-11-20 Tony Cookhandle the depth parameter when embedding with the...
2001-11-20 Tony Cookminor fixes
2001-11-19 Tony Cookr0.10.13 commit r0_10_13
2001-11-19 Tony Cookdon't always error when going pass the embed limit
2001-11-08 Tony Cook0.10_07 prerelease r0_10_07
2001-10-30 Tony Cookpost realware freight changes
2001-09-05 Tony Cookhandle image tags in article
2001-08-20 Tony Cook*** empty log message ***
2001-08-20 Tony Cooktag stripping for image tags
2001-07-20 Tony Cooksupport for the image[] tag
2001-07-12 Tony Cookbetter handling of embedding and html[] tags
2001-05-16 Tony Cookwork around for a bug in perl <5.8
2001-05-08 Tony Cookmake ifEmbedded work again
2001-05-08 Tony Cookbody based embeddeding and limit the number of levels...
2001-05-02 Tony Cookvarious new features
2001-02-23 Tony Cookfix inline table rendering