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2016-05-27 Tony Cookre-work coupons to allow multiple coupon types
2016-02-25 Tony Cooksave the product tier on ordering
2015-07-17 Tony Cookmake the searchindex table myisam, it has no use for...
2015-05-09 Tony CookMetadata for articles
2015-05-09 Tony Cookmake metadata more general
2014-09-01 Tony CookMerge Adrian's exhaustive module dir restructure changes
2014-09-01 Adrian Oldhammove catalog module into bse module dir
2014-09-01 Adrian Oldhammove article module into bse module dir
2013-07-22 Tony Cookcoupons support for the BSE shop
2013-07-21 Tony Cooklots of order and cart updates
2013-07-21 Tony Cookused coupons are no longer deletable nor renamable
2013-07-21 Tony Cookrename coupon_discount to match the method in BSE:...
2013-07-21 Tony Cookcoupon admin, cart, checkout, payment form
2013-06-17 Tony Cooksupply an output column list in site_users_to_member.sql
2013-03-16 Tony Cookpassword strength and lockouts for failed logons
2013-03-16 Tony Cookimplement account and IP address lockouts for site...
2012-07-26 Tony Cookdrop the tag category tables on a fresh install
2012-06-21 Tony CookMerge branch 'tagcats'
2012-06-20 Tony Cookimplement tag category management
2012-05-21 Tony Cookadd a paid_manually column and use that to mark an...
2011-12-14 Tony Cookrefactor the site_users table into bse_siteusers
2011-12-08 Tony Cookstore a truncated card number on credit card transactions
2011-08-25 Tony Cookadd category attribute to articles
2011-07-01 Tony Cookcomplex tags for BSE
2011-06-10 Tony Cookaccount recovery for hashed passwords
2011-06-10 Tony Cookbasic password hashing, still need to rework recovery
2011-06-08 Tony Cookorder stages
2011-06-08 Tony Cookfreight tracking - saving freight type and tracking...
2011-05-31 Tony Cookadd setup code to remove bse_selected files before...
2011-05-27 Tony CookBSE tiered product pricing
2011-05-13 Tony Cookrecord the engine when building mysql.str
2011-05-04 Tony Cookallow the new files objects to make thumbnails
2011-04-20 Tony Cookadd file selections to allow for ordered pool selections
2011-04-13 Tony Cookensure image filenames don't overflow their allotted...
2011-04-12 Tony Cookmake body a longtext to avoid clipping on huge bodies
2011-02-27 Tony CookWIP add a new general file store, and other enhancements
2010-12-13 Tony Cookdrop the tables we create (for clean installs)
2010-11-01 Tony CookPayPal support for BSE
2010-10-25 Tony Cookmost of UTF-8 support
2010-10-25 Tony Cookadd an audit log to BSE (needed for paypal)
2010-08-02 Tony Cookcrypted admin password support
2010-07-15 Tony Cookmake message id columns larger
2010-05-27 Tony Cookbasic BSE message database
2010-05-19 Tony Cookallow the build script to handle input other than bse...
2010-03-19 Tony Cookadd to run a list of BSE background...
2010-03-19 Tony Cookadd a longer description to background tasks (this...
2010-02-03 Tony Cookcorrect an error in handling <:filen foo field:>
2009-12-11 Tony Cookgeneral file post processing and post processing suppor...
2009-12-02 Tony Cookflash in the image manager
2009-11-06 Tony Cookadd filekey to owned files to allow us to distinguish...
2009-11-02 Tony Cookbackground process manager
2009-10-30 Tony Cooktool for sending file notifications
2009-10-26 Tony Cookuser/group attached files
2009-07-31 Tony Cookrecord a trace of shipping calculation communications...
2009-07-31 Tony Cookinclude the shipping method "name" in the order record...
2009-07-30 Abhijit Menon-SenRecord and display shipping method as well (oops!)
2009-07-30 Abhijit Menon-SenAdd weight, length, width, and height fields to the...
2009-07-23 Tony Cookextend/validate option/value lengths
2009-07-17 Tony Cookproduct options
2008-02-21 Tony Cookmodified site user admin validation
2008-02-20 Tony CookWishlists for BSE
2008-02-12 Tony CookS3 storage support
2008-01-23 Tony CooklinkAlias change:
2008-01-07 Tony Cookdocument orders.siteuser_id
2007-12-18 Tony Cookhandle "release" as a reserved word in update_mysql
2007-10-08 Tony Cookdocument titleAlias
2007-08-15 Tony Cookchanges for long file upload name:
2007-08-08 Adrian Oldhamadded new article field "titleAlias", can be used as...
2007-08-08 Adrian Oldhamadded new article field to store a menu value which...
2007-08-08 Tony Cookuse a relative path to the schema
2007-02-26 Tony Cookmake the new summary text instead
2007-02-21 Tony Cook0.15_54 release r0_15_54
2006-10-25 Tony Cook0.15_50 commit r0_15_50
2006-10-16 Tony Cook0.15_47 commit r0_15_47
2006-10-12 Tony Cook0.15_45 commit r0_15_45
2006-08-14 Tony Cookfiles now have a flag to hide them from the files itera...
2006-04-28 Tony Cookfix the default template name for the embedded report...
2005-12-01 Tony Cookpatch from Adrian Oldham: add metaDescription and metaK...
2005-08-10 Tony Cook0.15_27 commit r0_15_27
2005-07-29 Tony Cook0.15_24 commit r0_15_24
2005-07-25 Tony Cook0.15_21 commit r0_15_21
2005-07-20 Tony Cook0.15_19 commit r0_15_19
2005-06-29 Tony Cook0.15_15 commit r0_15_15
2005-06-23 Tony Cook0.15_14 commit r0_15_14
2005-06-15 Tony Cook0.15_13 commit
2005-06-15 Tony Cookcommit before applying Adrian's patch
2005-04-06 Tony Cook0.15_08 commit r0_15_08
2005-01-25 Tony Cook0.15_07 commit r0_15_07
2005-01-21 Tony Cook0.15_05 commit
2004-12-21 Tony Cook0.15_03 commit r0_15_03
2004-11-08 Tony Cook0.15_01 commit r0_15_01
2004-09-03 Tony Cook0.14_30 commit r0_14_30
2004-08-20 Tony Cook0.14_26 commit r0_14_26
2004-08-19 Tony Cook0.14_25 commit r0_14_25
2004-08-18 Tony Cook0.14_24 commit r0_14_24
2004-03-30 Tony Cook0.14_16 commit r0_14_16
2004-03-22 Tony Cook0.14_15 commit r0_14_15
2003-09-12 Tony Cook0.14_07 commit r0_14_07
2003-09-08 Tony Cook0.14_05 commit r0_14_05
2003-08-20 Tony Cook0.14_03 commit r0_14_03