new client side Ajax admin user interface
[bse.git] / MANIFEST
2011-05-12 Tony Cooknew client side Ajax admin user interface
2011-05-04 Tony Cookallow the new files objects to make thumbnails
2011-04-20 Tony Cookadd file selections to allow for ordered pool selections
2011-03-07 Tony Cookgenerate BSE::Modules on install to avoid git messiness
2011-02-27 Tony CookWIP add a new general file store, and other enhancements
2011-02-26 Tony Cookmake sure the version installed is updated on a testup...
2011-02-26 Tony Cookrework installation process to use git rev info
2011-02-14 Tony Cookclean up junk we don't need from manifest
2011-02-11 Tony Cookupdate manifest
2010-12-01 Tony Cooksend_member_email configuration for forms
2010-11-25 Tony Cookbasic audit log display
2010-11-08 Tony Cookversion checking UI
2010-11-01 Tony CookPayPal support for BSE
2010-10-25 Tony Cookmost of UTF-8 support
2010-10-25 Tony Cookadd an audit log to BSE (needed for paypal)
2010-09-12 Tony Cookadd colourize operation
2010-08-02 Tony Cookcrypted admin password support
2010-06-15 Tony Cookadd pregen stuff
2010-05-27 Tony Cookbasic BSE message database
2010-04-20 Tony Cookinitialize the background color for matting alpha-chann...
2010-04-19 Tony Cookmake simple.html into sadmin.(html,js,css) for ease...
2010-04-15 Tony Cookplace to do more public type APIs
2010-04-14 Tony Cookfast cgi file progress
2010-04-14 Tony Cookmodularize
2010-04-07 Tony Cookability to delete site members
2010-04-03 Tony Cookcache rework
2010-04-01 Tony Cookadd optional image file upload progress tracking
2010-03-26 Tony Cookmore JSON interfaces
2010-03-19 Tony Cookadd to run a list of BSE background...
2010-03-19 Tony Cookadd a longer description to background tasks (this...
2010-02-22 Tony Cookallow the user to edit metadata (if the items are speci...
2010-02-08 Tony Cooksupport template generated metadata
2010-01-08 Tony Cookwildly re-work the adding of new article attached files...
2009-12-14 Tony Cookbetter file tag handling through the filen and gfile...
2009-12-11 Tony Cookgeneral file post processing and post processing suppor...
2009-12-02 Tony Cookflash in the image manager
2009-11-18 Tony Cookre-work importer to allow new sources and targets to...
2009-11-02 Tony Cookfix some more
2009-11-02 Tony Cookfix manifest
2009-11-02 Tony Cookbackground process manager
2009-10-30 Tony Cooktool for sending file notifications
2009-10-26 Tony Cookuser/group attached files
2009-08-03 Tony Cooktry to separate BSE specific code from the rest and...
2009-07-31 Abhijit Menon-SenAdd a "Null" courier, and accept 0.0 shipping charges...
2009-07-30 Abhijit Menon-SenAdd courier modules for Australia Post and Fastway
2009-07-27 Tony Cookremove long unused validate.js
2009-07-27 Tony Cookadd missing scriptaculous file
2009-07-23 Tony Cookadjust css to allow for long values
2009-07-21 Tony Cookdrag and drop ordering of options
2009-07-21 Tony Cookadd scriptaculous to BSE
2009-07-20 Tony Cookfix option moveup/down to return json for ajax
2009-07-17 Tony Cookproduct options
2009-04-21 Tony Cookimport tool for xls sheets
2009-03-18 Tony Cookscript to send emails to members in general
2009-03-18 Tony Cookadd ability to send an email to the customer on registr...
2008-09-01 Tony Cookbasic API (just adding products for now)
2008-07-15 Tony Cookvimages/vimage/vthumbimage/dynvimages/dynvimage/dynvthu...
2008-05-07 Tony Cooktell a friend about an article, also:
2008-04-24 Tony Cookthumbnail storage on S3
2008-02-27 Tony Cookchanges to support KOI customizations
2008-02-20 Tony CookWishlists for BSE
2008-02-14 Tony Cookstatic pages now generate and link directly to their...
2008-02-12 Tony CookS3 storage support
2008-02-04 Tony Cookget a better backtrace from _siteuser_has_access()...
2008-01-08 Tony CookBSE default favicon.ico
2007-09-10 Tony Cookadded dthumbimage, and use [thumb classes] to set the...
2007-09-10 Tony Cookadded thumbimage[], gthumbimage[] body text tags, and...
2007-05-31 Tony Cookgive subscriptions their own formatter,
2007-05-30 Tony Cookadd separate edit a single article file with upload
2007-05-28 Tony Cookallow uploads of replacement images when saving all...
2007-05-10 Tony Cookfast CGI search support
2007-04-24 Tony Cookiterator filters - also fixed up lots of tests
2007-04-23 Tony Cookadded the ability to confirm user email addresses from...
2007-04-20 Tony Cookthe link[] body text tag can now be configured to redir...
2007-02-26 Tony Cookadded SQL to replace order items (used by update_title_...
2006-10-27 Tony Cook0.15_51 commit r0_15_51
2006-10-25 Tony Cook0.15_50 commit r0_15_50
2006-10-19 Tony Cookadd search of site users to list target
2006-10-19 Tony Cook0.15_48 commit r0_15_48
2006-10-16 Tony Cook0.15_47 commit r0_15_47
2006-10-15 Tony Cook0.15_46 commit r0_15_46
2006-10-12 Tony Cook0.15_45 commit r0_15_45
2006-09-14 Tony Cookadded addsingle\d+ target to to allowing indivi...
2006-05-25 Tony Cookthe ifCurrentPage tag on the search results templae...
2006-05-03 Tony Cookadded siteusers.pod
2006-05-03 Tony Cookadd registration notifications emails feature, enable...
2006-04-26 Tony Cookmodularized search engine
2006-04-26 Tony Cookfirst set of search and indexing changes, commit so...
2006-04-20 Tony Cookadd for uploading member updates as text...
2006-04-10 Tony CookBSE 0.15_34 r0_15_34
2006-02-06 Tony Cook=item *
2005-08-19 Tony Cook0.15_29 commit r0_15_29
2005-08-11 Tony Cook0.15_28 commit r0_15_28
2005-08-09 Tony Cook0.15_26 commit r0_15_26
2005-08-05 Tony Cook0.15_25 commit r0_15_25
2005-07-28 Tony Cook0.15_23 commit r0_15_23
2005-07-25 Tony Cook0.15_21 commit r0_15_21
2005-07-20 Tony Cook0.15_19 commit r0_15_19
2005-07-14 Tony Cook0.15_18 commit r0_15_18
2005-07-11 Tony Cook0.15_17 commit r0_15_17