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2014-07-31 Tony Cook0.25 release v0.25
2014-03-03 Tony Cooksubscriptions fixes
2013-05-02 Tony Cooksimplify testing module syntax
2013-04-08 Tony Cookre-work installation to use a bse.cfg style file
2013-02-11 Tony Cook0.24 release r0.24 v0.24
2013-02-11 Tony Cookreduce some build noise
2012-11-01 Tony Cookduplicate a $ to make the PERLBIN setup work
2012-10-11 Tony Cookupdate the regen_known_errors target for the renamed...
2012-09-07 Tony Cook0.23 release v0.23
2012-08-07 Tony Cooktest we don't go backwards on POD errors
2012-08-02 Tony Cookadd a target to build HTML documentation from all pod
2012-07-26 Tony Cookupdate installed scripts with the configured perl
2012-06-08 Tony Cook0.22 release r0.22 v0.22
2012-03-07 Tony Cook0.21 release v0.21
2012-03-07 Tony Cookfix the WEBBASE where we save dists
2012-03-07 Tony CookRewrite Squirrel::Template into parsing and processing...
2011-12-21 Tony Cook0.20 release r0.20 v0.20
2011-05-13 Tony Cookrecord the engine when building mysql.str
2011-03-07 Tony Cookgenerate BSE::Modules on install to avoid git messiness
2011-03-05 Tony Cookallow for verbose make test with TEST_VERBOSE=1
2011-02-26 Tony Cookmake sure the version installed is updated on a testup...
2011-02-26 Tony Cookrework installation process to use git rev info
2011-02-11 Tony Cookbuild a manifest target
2010-11-08 Tony Cookversion checking UI
2010-11-08 Tony Cookadd version numbers to all modules r0.19
2010-02-28 Tony Cooksimple module load test code
2010-01-25 Tony Cook0.18 release bse-0.18
2009-11-23 Tony Cook0.17 commit bse-0.17
2008-02-21 Tony Cookdon't do database upgrade verbosely
2008-02-13 Tony Cook0.16 "release" v0.16
2007-08-29 Tony Cookadd svnversion target to Makefile
2007-07-16 Tony Cook0.15_56 release
2007-04-20 Tony Cookthe link[] body text tag can now be configured to redir...
2007-02-26 Tony Cook0.15_55 release r0_15_55
2007-02-21 Tony Cook0.15_54 release r0_15_54
2007-01-29 Tony Cookcommit for 0.15_53 release r0_15_53
2007-01-29 Tony Cookwork around a bug in some versions of ExtUtils::Manifest
2006-11-20 Tony Cook0.15_52 commit r0_15_52
2006-10-27 Tony Cook0.15_51 commit r0_15_51
2006-10-25 Tony Cook0.15_50 commit r0_15_50
2006-10-19 Tony Cook0.15_49 commit r0_15_49
2006-10-19 Tony Cook0.15_48 commit r0_15_48
2006-10-16 Tony Cook0.15_47 commit r0_15_47
2006-10-15 Tony Cook0.15_46 commit r0_15_46
2006-10-12 Tony Cook0.15_45 commit r0_15_45
2006-09-14 Tony Cookbump to 0.15_44 r0_15_44
2006-09-14 Tony Cookbump to 0.15_43 r0_15_43
2006-08-16 Tony Cookbump to 0.15_42 r0_15_42
2006-08-14 Tony Cookbump to 0.15_41 r0_15_41
2006-06-07 Tony Cookbump to 0.15_40 r0_15_40
2006-05-25 Tony Cookbump to 0.15_39 r0_15_39
2006-05-03 Tony Cookbump to 0.15_38 r0_15_38
2006-04-28 Tony Cookbump to 0.15_37 for release r0_15_37
2006-04-26 Tony Cookbump to 0.15_36 for release r0_15_36
2006-04-20 Tony Cookbump to 0.15_35 r0_15_35
2006-04-10 Tony CookBSE 0.15_34 r0_15_34
2006-04-05 Tony Cookbump to 0.15_33 r0_15_33
2006-01-09 Tony Cookbump to 0.15_32 r0_15_32
2005-12-02 Tony Cookbump release r0_15_31
2005-12-01 Tony Cookpatch from Adrian Oldham: add metaDescription and metaK...
2005-09-01 Tony Cook0.15_30 commit r0_15_30
2005-08-19 Tony Cook0.15_29 commit r0_15_29
2005-08-11 Tony Cook0.15_28 commit r0_15_28
2005-08-10 Tony Cook0.15_27 commit r0_15_27
2005-08-09 Tony Cook0.15_26 commit r0_15_26
2005-08-05 Tony Cook0.15_25 commit r0_15_25
2005-07-29 Tony Cook0.15_24 commit r0_15_24
2005-07-28 Tony Cook0.15_23 commit r0_15_23
2005-07-27 Tony Cook0.15_22 commit r0_15_22
2005-07-25 Tony Cook0.15_21 commit r0_15_21
2005-07-21 Tony Cook0.15_20 commit r0_15_20
2005-07-20 Tony Cook0.15_19 commit r0_15_19
2005-07-14 Tony Cook0.15_18 commit r0_15_18
2005-07-11 Tony Cook0.15_17 commit r0_15_17
2005-07-07 Tony Cook0.15_16 commit r0_15_16
2005-06-29 Tony Cook0.15_15 commit r0_15_15
2005-06-23 Tony Cook0.15_14 commit r0_15_14
2005-06-15 Tony Cook0.15_13 commit
2005-06-02 Tony Cooki0.15_12 commit r0_15_12
2005-06-02 Tony Cook0.15_11 commit r0_15_11
2005-04-08 Tony Cook0.15_10 commit r0_15_10
2005-04-07 Tony Cook0.15_09 commit r0_15_09
2005-04-06 Tony Cook0.15_08 commit r0_15_08
2005-01-25 Tony Cook0.15_07 commit r0_15_07
2005-01-24 Tony Cook0.15_06 commit r0_15_06
2005-01-21 Tony Cook0.15_05 commit
2005-01-10 Tony Cook0.15_04 commit r0_15_04
2004-12-21 Tony Cook0.15_03 commit r0_15_03
2004-11-25 Tony Cook0.15_02 commit r0_15_02
2004-11-08 Tony Cook0.15_01 commit r0_15_01
2004-10-08 Tony Cook0.15 commit r0_15
2004-10-06 Tony Cook0.14_37 commit r0_14_37
2004-10-01 Tony Cook0.14_36 commit r0_14_36
2004-09-29 Tony Cook0.14_35 commit r0_14_35
2004-09-22 Tony Cook0.14_34 commit r0_14_34
2004-09-16 Tony Cook0.14_33 commit r0_14_33
2004-09-13 Tony Cook0.14_32 commit r0_14_32
2004-09-10 Tony Cook0.14_31 commit r0_14_31
2004-09-03 Tony Cook0.14_30 commit r0_14_30
2004-09-01 Tony Cook0.14_29 commit r0_14_29